Smile it's Yoga!

enjoy a rejuvenating yoga practice amidst the tranquil gardens and on Sandown beach this summer


9.00am - 10.30am @ NZ gardens - Ventnor Botanic Garden, £8 pp.

Practice is available on Saturday from 8th June - 10th August. (There are mats provided by Ventnor Botanic Garden)

Type: Dynamic Flow


6.30 - 7.30 am @ Sundial Cafe. Sandown Beach, £5 pp.

Practice is available on Saturday from 6th July - 10th August. (BYO mat & swimmers)

Type: Flow


classes are available throughout all seasons, 9.00 - 10.30am at Ventnor Botanic Garden. Please do check lesson schedules. I do like a couple of weeks off in between sessions to recharge and rejuvenate. x

What to Expect

There will be sweat, ALOT of muscle strengthening, stretching, occasional varts and lotsa laughter. Overall a bloody good refreshing yoga practice on the Isle of Wight. 


fellow yogi

"Shennon is an excellent and inspiring teacher. She pushes you to your limit (in a nice way), so that you achieve and hold postures that you didn't think you could, making you stronger, more flexible and ultimately relaxed. She also has a lovely sense of humour!" ~ Cherry


Just Me

have started my passion for yoga since I was little girl (like you do!), watching my mum trying out cool poses after a tiring day at work and witnessing how happy she would be after every class- that's when I ask if I could attend an extra party in the month! 

I graduated from my (everyday) ashtanga teacher training in 2010, met my lovely husband and decided Isle of Wight is the perfect pIace to relocate from SUNNYPORE (Singapore)- actually my husband is from here hence we were just moving back... perfect? I would say it's near perfect.


I have been lucky enough to be acquainted with amazing kind hearted, understanding yoga teachers on the island and am now teaching in Ventnor Botanic Garden every Saturday - prime time 9.30am.

when Bestival was still on the island, I had the privilege to teach a few classes then (thanks to Kali!). It was great, trying to practice yoga with teens who were tipsy or nursing a hang over! We had so much giggles and looks of "How long can you stay in that pose without falling over with a loud thud"

have an amazing group of regular yogis whom I have learn to grow with spiritually and believe it or not!? they have given me as much support and love as much as I have given them pain!😁✌️

I would say I do like a challenge and that transpires in my teaching. Empathy is my strength and at the same time I believe that our body & mind are robust hence the integration of a couple of challenging asanas(just a couple!). my thoughts are, I would very much like you to experience the benefits of yoga in your everyday life. EVERYONE is different and EVERYONE feels differently everyday, every hour. I respect that.


Admittedly, my class is challenging but rewarding. Designed as an immersion of Ashtanga-style practice and MUST be incorporated with Fun, Laughter and Endurance, this class is suitable for everyone with an open mind and a smiley face. Having the garden as a backdrop, nothing compares to the combination of nature, yoga and (simply!) breathing. I invite you to take a break from the buzz of everyday life and instead have fun on a Saturday morning in this nourishing practice. 💕

See you on the mat!

you are one class away from a good mood


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