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And oh boy I do love it

Come on let’s face it… I don’t love my flaws that much! Do I enjoy it? ABSOLUTELY.

I wish to

Overcome flaw #1 run every morning for 3 miles - more energy (& discipline) required please

Overcome flaw #2 be patient with my son when he decides he is going to (suddenly) forget the word he has just read (milli-seconds before!),

Overcome flaw #3 stop overeating and binging in the evenings after dinner (having access to one too many pork floss),

Overcome flaw #4 understand before begrudging my husband when he decides to spend money eg. purchasing a trailer for keeping things away when I thought a shed would work just fine.

Overcome flaw #5,6,7...

My excuse for a happy life is… Life is flawed AND that is why it is PERFECT in every way.

I have them to love.

I love my life because it encourages you to wonder, think, contemplate, analyse and confirms that you have a PURPOSE TO LIVE! There is always room for improvement as one would (hopefully) agree.

solution #1 Discipline should be your best friend. Waking up at a silly hour every morning is extremely difficult but doable. Are there reasons not to do it? ABSOLUTELY but I am going to focus on what matters most – tip #1 the happy natural drug it creates to make me more energetic, more awake and yes, happier for the entire day.

tip #2 Think of the run you enjoyed – with or without a buddy, discovering a new route, trespassing your neighbour’s fields hoping not to get told off, seeing a bushy tailed red squirrel in your path, hearing the sounds of a woodpecker as she finds her feed and of course! passing the bloody Collie that bit you.

Have you ever felt procrastinating was all just for fun? NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY

solution #2 Patience for my son can be worked on… how? I will continue to work on that. Life makes me think. I will have to think hard on this one. tip #2 Think of other activities he is great in for eg. cycling, swimming and remember he is a product of you.

solution #3 Self Control which I do not have, prone to have given myself one too many excuses on starting this rule – there’s always a tomorrow. I felt I was entitled to binging after 8 pm in the last week because it’s the season of merry eating and drinking. Poor!

Another flaw to work on. I am getting older and my metabolism is not working as well as when I was in my beautiful teens when I could eat anything at any time!

Tip #1 Identify feelings - The need to avoid reactive eating in response to feelings which happen unconsciously. Tip #2 changing the brain– creating and strengthening habits.

Look around you. Smile at the simple pleasures for they are there waiting to be discovered.

solution #4 I am not a saint. This begrudging on why money should be spent on my husband's toys will continue. My husband ‘bites’ anyway, so I am certain he will put me in my place (or make me understand our situation better). I am quite a hypocrite by the way… we do have the same expensive taste for toys.

Do you reflect on your flaws and how your life is filled with it? Perhaps there is no need for 2019 resolutions and just the need to reflect on your actions/reactions allowing you to truly enjoy your flawed life.

Sometimes being happy will require some difficult conversations.

Some of those conversations will be with yourself.

ref 100 Days Happier by Dominique Bertolucci

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