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In nearly every translation of Yoga Sutra II.42, santosha is interpreted as the greatest happiness, the underlying joy that cannot be shaken by life's tough moments, by injustice, hardship, bad luck. "Contentment is really about accepting life as it is," says BELL. "It's not about creating perfection. Life will throw whatever it wants at you, and you ultimately have little control. Be welcoming of what you get.

... & today I received more than what I deserve because of love. Love is such a wonderful thing. I thank you all for my unexpected gift and most of all our special #friendship. I have just been looking forward to continue my practice with fun, genuine life loving people and what I got in return is unanticipated. It’s times like these that make my long wait for visa approval, all great! This morning, moments of Santosha is at its highest- not because of the physical gift but the thoughtfulness of my class(mates). Please remember that you have shown me kindness in ways more than you have ever known. Let’s continue our spiritual and dynamic physical practices out of the normal garden studio! lol

photos (George looking through a telescope observing the first sailboat to sail pass Ventnor #roundtheislandrace. Yoga practice at Cherry's and Steve's Seaview house. Jie, Claire, George and I smiling through our teeth under the hot sun whilst Steve is monkeying around with his camera. Us all at the Priscilla Queen of the Dessert show where Ben is starring as Tick the Queen!)

yoga in happy Lululemon leggings #sweatlife limited edition

(that's me with my happy yogi leggings! those are not your usual run of the mill leggings... they are a gift of #love and of course! as reminded by Claire, it's Lululemon limited edition)

...from me to you

Incorporating Santosha in your everyday lives as well as your practice.


If you release your mind from constantly wanting your situation to be different, you'll find more ease. "It's not fatalism; it's not to say you can't change your reality," says Cope. "But just for the moment, can you let go of the war with reality? If you do, you'll be able to think more clearly and be more effective in making a difference." During those times when you don't feel content, just act for one moment as if you were. You might kick-start a positive feedback loop, which can generate real contentment. It might feel absurd when your inner landscape isn't shiny and bright, but the simple physical act of turning up the corners of your mouth can have amazing effects. "Smile," suggests Devi. "It changes everything. Practicing smiling is like planting the seed of a mighty redwood. The body receives the smile, and contentment grows. Before you know it, you're smiling all the time." Whether you're practicing asana or living life, remember to find joy in the experience.

#santosha #johnBELLyoga Note: Sutra interpretations that appear throughout this story are taken from Bernard Bouanchaud's book The Essence of Yoga.

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