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Yoga for the weekend

it's pretty exciting that it's a busy weekend on the Isle of Wight! It's another day in history where #isleofwightfestival is held on the island and adding to it's excitement, the festival celebrates its 50th year anniversary this year!

Have a happy festival weekend all!

Yoga Shala at Bestival 2016

So... what is your yoga practice like this weekend? there has to be one surely- get the moves going and get that body warmed up for all that shaking and crooning!

Would it be a dynamic Wheel pose? a stretchy extended puppy pose or a 'receive sunshine goodness' reverse warrior pose? It's amazing how our yoga practice sets our mood for the day. Your day, you choose how you want to feel. Wishing you a fantastic weekend and enjoy your yoga with a smile always. Namaste!

My pick for the weekend: Reverse warrior yoga pose - A fantastic side stretch, opening the intercostal muscles between each rib. Not forgetting, it feels sooo good when the sunshine softens your face up naturally into a smile.

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